Penny Stock Prophet Review

Who Is James Connelly? The author of the Penny Stock Prophet is James Connelly who was also a student at MIT. James’ main focus is to develop strategy for finding out about winning stocks. In the beginning, the focus of James Connelly was on “regular” stocks. These regular stocks were the ones that cost over $20 for every share. James Connelly was not too successful with “regular” stocks so he started concentrating on trading penny stocks.

This was when James Connelly discovered a very profitable tool. You first receive an email that is called a daily alert and the email starts talking about previous stocks and then you get information for the current stocks.

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How Does Penny Stock Prophet Work

Penny Stock Prophet is a method used by James Connelly to predict stock breakouts. James chanced on a way to find out about stock breakouts while he was a student in college taking up Math. James realized that the formula he discovered worked pretty well on the penny shares, which are what the Penny Stock Prophet reviews are working on.

How Does Penny Stock Prophet Work

The picking of penny stocks tool was done by James Connelly using his proven correct method in picking penny stocks. In the newsletter, James will take care of all hard decisions in making a trade. The newsletter is designed for novices and experienced investors. By using a method that he discovered, James Connelly takes care of all the difficult decisions making involved in the trading.

That is not just everything, however. They also get instructions as to what price they are going to buy and what price they are going to sell the stock. In James Connelly Penny Stock Prophet, psychological support is combined with 4 variables to determine certain trading patterns in the stocks before they even happen. On the average, the system of James Connelly can predict gains from 24 – 48 hours ahead, so that he can cash out after 2 days and have funding flow in different places and new trades.

There is a lot of penny stock newsletter service available out there online. The Penny Stock Prophet is just one of them that certain stock pickers choose to follow and trust. The penny stock picking system is simply based on cold hard market information as well as lots of winning algorithms so it really is the most foolproof way in trading and without any emotions involved.

What Makes It Different

What makes the system very powerful is the fact that he does not have money waiting for stocks. The system, however, identifies movements so that he can place the trade before the stocks can even move decisively. The good thing about this method is that the users don’t have to spend lots of hours researching about different companies. Users rely on the expertise of James Connelly in picking stocks that have good profit potential.

Earning money from stock markets is done every day. If you try to look for some money in the stock market without giving time or having the knowledge that professionals have and use, then this could be a great option for you.  Just what exactly is the Penny Stock Prophet?  The Penny Stock Prophet is simply a penny stock generator that analyzes real time market information and looks for similarities from the past.

Sometimes, however, it is going to recommend consecutive trades. This enables you to begin by investing a small capital like a few hundred dollars or so. If you multiply this into thousands within a short period of time, you should be able to have quite a handsome amount in no time. How can a person make money in the economy from stock markets? And become one of the Microcap Millionaires?